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Wed Nov 14 16:27:28 CET 2012

If you're looking for a major Erlang event and can't wait until next 
year, consider Tech Mesh -- The Alternative Programming Conference. It 
takes place in London between the 4^th and the 6^th of December and it 
will go down in history with a first.Joe Armstrong, Robert Virding and 
Mike Williams will be together on stage for the first time, giving a 
joint keynote on '183 years of programming' 

Other (but not all) great Erlang talks:

Garret Smith: Building an Application Platform: Lessons from CloudBees 
Stuart Bailey: Erlang and OpenFlow: A Match Made in the Cloud! 
Steve Vinoski: Implementing Riak in Erlang: Benefits and Challenges 
Chris Brown: Living in a Polyglot World: Ruby on the client, Erlang on 
the server 
Francesco Cesarini: OTP, the middleware for concurrent distributed 
scalable architectures 
Pavlo Baron: 100% Big Data. 0% Hadoop. 0% Java 
Jesper Richter Reichhelm: You are not alone - multiplayer games in 

You can now get your ticket for Tech Mesh --The Alternative Programming 
Conference at a 20% discount. All you need to do is register on our 
website using the promotion code TECHMESH_FRIEND

The event covers 8 tracks and over 50 speakers among whom are Simon 
Peyton Jones 
Philip Wadler 
<http://techmeshconf.com/techmesh-london-2012/speaker/Philip+Wadler> and 
John Hughes 
<http://techmeshconf.com/techmesh-london-2012/speaker/John+Hughes> -- 
also on a joint keynote, Rich Hickey 
<http://techmeshconf.com/techmesh-london-2012/speaker/Rich+Hickey> - 
inventor of Clojure, Bruce Tate 
<http://techmeshconf.com/techmesh-london-2012/speaker/Bruce+Tate> -- 
"author of 7 languages in 7 weeks", Klarna CTO David Craelius 
and many more.For a full list of the over 50 speakers, check out the 
event programme on the website: 

Hope to see you at Tech Mesh!


Erlang Solutions Ltd.

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