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Lucky Khoza mrkhoza@REDACTED
Tue Nov 13 10:15:09 CET 2012

Good day Erlang Developers,

I'm actually having a tuple like the one below: my question is  - How do i
create a function that will store this tuple in a record that i will use
create tag table in ETS.

{ok,[["\"Number of Units\"","\"Unit Price\"", "\"Delivery
Date\"","\"Product Description\"", "\"Product Code\"","\"Supplier ID\""],
     ["5","1505","\"2012/02/15\""," Mrs. Hollingberry\"","\"Apples 1kg
Golden Delicious. The sweetest Apples! Always a favourite. Love",
     ["2","1423","\"2012/02/16\""," Mrs. Hollingberry\""," shame... Love",
"\"Apples 1kg Green. They are very crunchy!", "1102","15"]]}.

As i said i'm newbie in Erlang Functional Programming i would really
appreciate any help.

Kindest Regards
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