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Jesse Gumm gumm@REDACTED
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Also, have a look at "entop". It's basically unix 'top' but for erlang and
shows running processes and their states. It's pretty simply extensible as


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On Nov 2, 2012 4:51 PM, "Joe Armstrong" <erlang@REDACTED> wrote:

> Take a look at the code in observer_backend.erl
> (${ERLROOT}/lib/runtime_tools/src)
> This is used by things like etop etc to collect performance data about
> processes
> /Joe
> On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 5:39 AM, József Bérces <jozsef.berces@REDACTED>wrote:
>> **
>> Hi,
>> I am writing an application that runs in the background crunching some
>> data and writing result files to the disk. It has a web interface to
>> configure what data and how to process. And I was thinking about that it
>> would be good to be able to present some stats on the web interface about
>> which Erlang processes how much CPU resources used during the last
>> second/minute/day/week etc.
>> Is there any way to get this kind of info somehow without wasting too
>> much resources on the stat collection itself? I do not want it for all
>> Erlang processes, only for a well defined subset of them.
>> eprof/fprof seem to be too heavy: they would take too much system
>> resources and they would produce too detailed data for me.
>> erlang:system_profile seems to be promising (I have not started playing
>> with it) but it has that note in the doc that it is experimental so I am a
>> bit afraid of it.
>> I was also thinking about tracing my processes with the flag 'running' so
>> I would get 'in' and 'out' message tags in a profiling process. I am not
>> sure how much resources this would take.
>> Any suggestions are welcome!
>> Thanks,
>> Jozsef
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