[erlang-questions] R1502 ssl dropping byte(s)?

sasa sasa555@REDACTED
Fri Nov 2 18:33:17 CET 2012


Today I have migrated my production servers to R15B02 (previously they ran
on R14).
Generally, everything works fine. However, I do notice a strange behavior
I'm not sure if Erlang is to blame, but it's a strange coincidence that
this started occurring after the migration, and system is in production for
almost two years.

In my system, I am constantly fetching some data from the external provider
via ssl. The code is roughly following:

loop(Socket) ->
   ssl:recv(Socket, 0, 5000),

After switching to R15, I have noticed that occasionally, a byte gets
"lost". This always happens after 5 or 10 seconds which leads me to
suspicion, that possibly some race condition occurs in ssl.
Could it be that the timeout occurs just as the bytes start to arrive, and
the first one is discarded?
Again, I didn't notice this behavior on R14.

Best regards,
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