[erlang-questions] HttpC options

Avinash Dhumane avinash@REDACTED
Tue May 29 16:12:08 CEST 2012

I am not able to sense the difference between "max_keep_alive_length" and  
"max_pipeline_length" options ("httpc" module) in pipelining scenario  
(turned on by setting pipeline_timeout to timer:seconds(60)).

Documentation says:
max_keep_alive_length = maximum number of outstanding requests on the  
_same_ connection to a host
max_pipeline_length = maximum number of outstanding requests on a  
_pipelined_ connection to a host

Questions are:
1) Can both these options co-exist in pipelining scenario? If so, what  
aspects of requests submissions would they affect?
2) In "without pipelining" scenario, what is the meaning of keeping more  
than one outstanding request on the _same_ connection, i.e.  
max_keep_alive_length option? Can it really be done? If so, how different  
it is from pipelining?

I am quite confused! :-)



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