[erlang-questions] Erlang compile/install vs. RPMs, issues

Forrest Aldrich forrie@REDACTED
Sat May 26 20:27:02 CEST 2012

On 5/26/12 2:35 AM, Max Bourinov wrote:
> Hi Forrest,
> $ sudo apt-get install make
> $ sudo apt-get install gcc
> $ sudo apt-get build-dep erlang
> $ sudo apt-get install tk
> # Now you can install kerl and erlang
> *https://github.com/spawngrid/kerl*
> *
> *
> *This is from our production servers.*
> **


We are using Redhat, so apt-get doesn't apply.

I was finally able to get this working.  There was a misunderstanding on 
my part about a couple of things, namely how erlang installs itself 
through "make install".

Typically, I will install a product in --prefix=/usr/local/product and 
then point my $PATH to it.  In this case, that didn't work so well, and 
I forgot to keep notes.

I configured it without wxWIDGETS, java and something else -- compiled 
and installed it.  Erlang creates symbolic links into /usr/bin for "erl" 
etc.   At this point, RabbitMQ was happy... and I was happy (lol).

I use an old, unmaintained program called "make uninstall" that records 
the writes in a "make install" so I can easily remove this for an update.

I am curious, tho, if there are patches in the aforementioned 
erlang-solutions.com RPM.  But it was for RH6, we're on RH5.

Thanks again for everyone's input, I do appreciate it.  It helped me 
work through this.


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