[erlang-questions] Erlang compile/install vs. RPMs, issues

Forrest Aldrich forrie@REDACTED
Fri May 25 21:39:49 CEST 2012

     We are using RabbitMQ for a new production system, which requires 
Erlang and I've run into a few issues getting things to install properly.

     First of all, I found the EPEL repositories to be an issue in that 
the 32-bit RPMs are more current, whereas the 64-bit RPMs don't really 
exist.   When installing from one of them onto a 64-bit platform, I ran 
into a pesky dependency on wxGTK (which we'll never, ever use).    So I 
compiled from source...

     Compiling from source also requires that you "touch" lib/wx/SKIP to 
disable that feature (which isn't that done with ./configure?).  "make 
clean" happily removes those SKIP files.  Ultimately, I wasn't able to 
figure out how to get it to install into the filesystem properly, so 
that RabbitMQ is happy.

     The RPMs do a lot of nitty gritty work, such as creating directory 
structures, creating users and permissions.   I was able to get the 
32-bit lot to work fine, but we require a 64-bit architecture.

     My question is ultimately about either where to obtain an official 
(if that exists) Source RPM for the latest R15B01 version that is 
suitable for RHEL 5.x, or how to ./configure from the source to mimic 
the installation processes that the RPMs normally do.   I see other 
Source RPMs on Rpmbone, but some refer to dependencies on RHEL 6.x and 
updated libc, which conflicts with our environment.

     If someone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate 
it.  I've spent about 3 working days fussing over this :-)


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