[erlang-questions] Weird Client SSL Behavior / Performance

Ingela Andin ingela.andin@REDACTED
Thu May 24 10:43:23 CEST 2012


I feel I would like to make some more comments on this, see below.

2012/5/20, John-Paul Bader <hukl@REDACTED>:

> First of all I'd really like to know why the problem occurs in the first
> place and why it creates so much load in general. Stunnel deals with the
> same load with 1/3 or even less than that of what the erlang vm needs.

We are also interested in that.

> For now at least I'm a little bit underwhelmed of erlangs ssl stability
> and performance (I was bitten by the R14B03 bug as well).

The so called R14B03 bug was of course unfortunate, but it was not a
take down the whole system bug. It did not effect existing
connections. It would of course have a memory growing effect for long
lived systems which could be needed to be worked around. Preferably
patched with the R14B04 ssl-version. The bug made noise in the logs,
so the bug was discovered early, that was good so it could be fixed
quickly.  We currently have 213 automated test cases for ssl and now
we also have a test case to make sure the R14B03 bug will not happen
again. It will happen that bugs slip through and there is no such
thing as the perfect test suite. As an example when openssl released
there 1.0 release I remember that a problem occurred that we could not
establish connections to openssl because of a bug in their code, so
maybe we should be underwhelmed with openssl too...

We hade a legacy implementation of ssl that did not work well enough.
We decided to make a new one. Our first focus has been to make it work
and be complete enough to replace the old one. In R15 it has replaced
the old one. Now when it is that mature we can take it to the next
level. And we are constantly working to improve and provide more
functionality. An all input is valuable.

Regards Ingela Erlang/OTP team - Ericsson AB

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