[erlang-questions] How to debug "Kernel pid terminated"

David Mercer dmercer@REDACTED
Mon May 21 16:57:11 CEST 2012

On Monday, May 21, 2012, Rudolph van Graan wrote:

> I had a quick look at your crash below. If I have to guess, you are
> an external system in a gen_server's init function and this function is
> causing a crash. It seems as though this init is part of a supervision
> My recommendation is that you move any code like this out of the inits
> can crash the whole tree. I would probably have implemented a different
> process that managed the call to the external application and make it
> so that it can't crash when this condition occurs.

Thanks for the hint.  I'm calling Richard Carlsson's file_monitor module in
init, so I'll delve into the source code there to see what it is doing.



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