[erlang-questions] Declarative Security in Erlang

Andrew Berman rexxe98@REDACTED
Sat May 19 21:38:04 CEST 2012

Hey all,

I'm trying to mimic (as much as I can) what JEE 6 does with security on
domain objects.  Essentially what I'd like to do is create an annotation
using Tim's awesome annotation code (
https://github.com/hyperthunk/annotations) and test on a user's roles.  The
one issue I'm wrestling with is how to get the user into the annotation.
 The obvious way is to have every function I put the annotation on take in
a user record and then loop through the arguments of the function looking
for the user record.  That way doesn't seem very elegant to me, though.  I
really want to just say something like User = get_current_user(...).  Has
anyone tackled this sort of issue or have any advice on how to handle it in
an Erlang safe manner?


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