[erlang-questions] Scale testing server with Erlang bots

Andrey Tsirulev andrey@REDACTED
Fri May 18 13:25:35 CEST 2012


The simple question is: in common test how can I run the same test N 
times in parallel (not sequentially)?

More verbosely - here is my problem.

I need to stress-test my client-server application (a multiplayer game) 
by launching a large number of bots from several machines (launching N 
bots at once to start with). Bots are implemented in Erlang and use 
custom TCP protocol to connect to the server.

I don't need to collect any metrics on test system side, I can learn 
everything I need by monitoring the server.

The possible solutions are:

1) Common test
I'm new to it and still cannot find out how to run the test N times in 
parallel (on one node) - when using repeat N it waits for the previous 
test run to end before starting the next one. If this can be solved, 
common test seems to suit me.

2) Tsung
When using tsung I have to write my own plugin - and it seems that I'm 
very limited in what I can do with it, while my bots are pretty complex 
in their behaviour, so I'll have to shrink it. Another downside is that 
I'll have to write and support separate bot code instead of the code 
used in functionality (not stress) tests. Finally, I feel very 
uncomfortable with tsung xml configuration - I prefer to setup bot 
behaviour in code. On the other hand I don't feel I can benefit from 
tsung's stronger sides, so I come to conclusion it's not the right tool 
for my job.

3) Write it myself - most likely reinventing the wheel.

Is there any solution I miss?


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