[erlang-questions] implementing Forex Trader in Erlang

Shahrdad Shadab shahrdad1@REDACTED
Thu May 17 18:19:42 CEST 2012

Hi Erlangers

 I have to implement a foreign exchange trader software for a financial
They need fast response and high availability. They also need parallel real
time feed from multiple brokers.
As I did my preliminary investigations,It seems most of the tools on the
field are implemented in Microsoft technologies like .net or com/OLE.
I believe (although I might be wrong) the broker servers are DDE servers.
I decided to use Erlang/otp. Does anyone know if something like this has
done before in Erlang.
Also I appreciate any guidance on how to get feed from trader servers.

Thanks a lot
Best regards

Software Architect & Computer Scientist
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