[erlang-questions] FSM: How to wait the end of handle_info ?

Arnaud Garcia arnaud74130@REDACTED
Wed May 9 15:53:50 CEST 2012

Hello everybody,

I have two files, main.erl which control a finite state machine (FSM) with
a gen_fsm behavior.
The FSM is also able to received incoming data from a socket for certain
state (using the handle_info method).

The question is how the main program can wait and know the next state after
handle_info callback is done by the gen_fsm....
because, according to the rawdata received the system move to another state
and main.erl must know this new state to send specifics events....

Maybe more easy to understand with a small illustration

   {ok, FSMPid} = myfsm:start_link(...),
    ok =  gen_fsm:sync_send_event(FSMPid, event1)
                  % => will move the FSM to state_5 where we are waiting
socket incoming data
                  % these data will be handle by "handle_info({tcp,
_Socket, RawData}, state_5, StateData)"
                  % depending on the received socket rawdata, we will
change the state of the FSM

       => How can I wait handle_info has finished ?
       => How can I get the state ?
              (for this last question, I think I can just send a
send_all_state(FSMPid, current_state) for example and return the StateName

    program will continue like this:
    case StateName of
         state_13 -> send another event

thanks for help,

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