[erlang-questions] Building, Packaging and Installing

Tobias Schlager Tobias.Schlager@REDACTED
Tue May 8 09:43:16 CEST 2012

I know that this is not a very popular opinion but to me it sounds like what you're looking for is pretty close to what maven delivers:
* binary-based packaging
* well-defined dependency management (handling version conflicts)
* (open source) repository managers (e.g. sonatype nexus)
* group id concept (could be used to avoid clashes when forking github projects)
* support for continuous integration (e.g. jenkins)
* a manifest file (pom.xml)
* built-in support for documentation and reporting
* support for code/package signing

Of course there are certain drawbacks like:
* not written in erlang (its written in java)
* requires a certain amount of (static) xml configuration
* poor support for building native code
* slower than other tools

Currently, everyone is hot to re-implement all this in erlang and that's perfectly ok, I just wanted to throw in another point of view.


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On 07/05/2012 15:27, Tristan Sloughter wrote:

One major difference is that Colombo tries to adhere to the version numbering scheme of OTP and avoids using the source area for generating releases.

It means that after building in ./gproc the compiled version will be installed in ./lib/gproc-0.4.3

This allows a more strict separation of managing dependencies and the actual building of the app you are working on.

I tried to get rebar to do the same, but it was too painful for me to get that to work, so I decided to do an experiment of my own to see if I could create something that could help me out.

Just wanted to say this was an issue that has been recently debated regarding source area for generating releases, http://blog.erlware.org/2012/05/04/sinan-releases-and-being-right/

And that Colombo is sounding definitely like I had already planned on building around agner, so I think I'm going to start out trying to use Colombo for my needs.


Just report any issues you have with Colombo - it is alpha software, so I do not expect it to be in any way perfect.

I am very open to put in new functionality or split Colombo into two tools if that seems better. It might be that my needs are a corner case and the more generally applicable solution is different - in fact it will be the case, so I am ready to get feedback
 and find ways to improve it.




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