[erlang-questions] New draft of frames proposal (was Re: Frames proposal)

Jan Burse janburse@REDACTED
Thu May 3 10:56:09 CEST 2012

Richard O'Keefe schrieb:
> There is a new version of
> http://www.cs.otago.ac.nz/staffpriv/ok/frames.pdf

Pitty the sections do not have a @date, now
I don't know what I have already read.

BTW: Inline cache, when your lookup would return
a pointer to an immutable {func,class}, than you
can cache this in one STORE op, making it amenable
to concurrent use. See to it that you first use
one LOAD op to retrieve this pointer into a local
register, before checking class and then possibly
using func. Works with both 64-bit and 32-bit,
no need to pack two 32-bit into one 64-bit.

(I am using the same for {fun,arity} for a cache
inside an atom, works like a charm)

 > It's like a mouse's nest in a cat's ear
LoL, poor kitty

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