[erlang-questions] Artificial Intelligence and Erlang?

Yves S. Garret yoursurrogategod@REDACTED
Wed May 2 17:22:16 CEST 2012

Could you please share some info on this book?  Maybe an announcement by
the author or publisher online?  I'd love to read more.

On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 11:19 AM, Robert Virding <
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> I don't know if you would class this as AI but I have a Prolog interpreter
> written in Erlang. It is a proper subset of standard Prolog with
> unification and real database handling and interacts well with Erlang.
> Prolog is very good for rule-based and knowledge based systems (duh!). An
> alternative would be to connect to a real prolog system.
> I also know that there should be a book on using Erlang and neural-nets in
> the pipeline, though I have no idea when it will be available. I am waiting
> though.
> Robert
> ------------------------------
> Does anyone know of a good source on AI and Erlang?  A book would be
> awesome!  Most of the sources that I see out there have Lisp as the
> functional programming language of choice.  Erlang seems like a better
> option given it's nature of distributed nature and ability to place a ton
> of processes in less space.
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