[erlang-questions] R14B03 compiled code vs R15B compiled code

Tim Watson watson.timothy@REDACTED
Sun Jan 22 15:02:23 CET 2012

On 20 January 2012 22:52, Jachym Holecek <freza@REDACTED> wrote:

> # Wes James 2012-01-20:
> > I've been pushing some R15B compiled code to some workstations that
> > have R14B03 on them, but they crash when run.  If I take my code and
> > compile it on the R14B03 system and run it, it does not crash.  What
> > is the compatibility between versions?
> IIRC the contract is that code compiled with R${n} shall work fine
> with R${N+1} and R${N+2} -- nothing more, especially not in the
> opposite direction.
Is the *official line* wrt compatibility between OTP releases documented
somewhere? We produce binary artefacts that get stashed in a repository and
used as dependencies for build/deployment and I'd like to understand what
we should be doing about different erts versions on the target environment.
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