[erlang-questions] Simultaneous erlang distribution connections

Geoff Cant nem@REDACTED
Sat Jan 21 00:22:09 CET 2012

Hi all, I was wondering what happens when two nodes simultaneously attempt to connect erlang distribution connections to each other? Is there a race where one loses and prints a 'connection from disallowed node' message? This is just a theory and I haven't done a complete investigation. I'm just fishing to find out if someone already knows what causes this one.

We had a couple of spurious messages along those lines from a node this morning (booting a new node into a 21 node cluster - auto connect is on and there is a user-code node discovery and connection mechanism too, so it's possible we were involved in a few auto connects as well as trying manual connections at the same time). The nodes eventually connected fine, so I don't think cookies or anything were an issue.

Geoff Cant (irc.freenode.net/archaelus, geoff@REDACTED)

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