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Siri Hansen erlangsiri@REDACTED
Wed Jan 11 15:56:44 CET 2012

2012/1/11 eigenfunction <emeka_1978@REDACTED>

> This is my sasl config file:
> [{sasl, [
> {sasl_error_logger, {file,"d:/error_logs/errors.log"}},
> %%{errlog_type, error},
> {error_logger_mf_dir,"d:/error_logs" },
> {error_logger_mf_maxbytes,10485760},
> {error_logger_mf_maxfiles, 2}
> ]}].
> Can someone plz explain to me why i am only getting progress reports
> in my file ?
> In my code i used error_logger:msg_error ... for error messages.
> thx.
> This configuration installs two error handlers. First, the
sasl_error_logger variable installs sasl_report_file_h which according to
the documentation "Formats and writes supervisor reports, crash report and
progress report to a single file."

Next, the three error_logger_mf_* variables install log_mf_h, which writes
*all* error logger events to a circular set of binary files in the
directory specified by the error_logger_mf_dir variable (files will be
named 1, 2 and index). These files can best be read with the report browser
(rb) in the sasl application.

So, in your errors.log file you will only get supervisor, crash and
progress reports, while the circular set of binary files will contain *all*
reports, including errors...

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