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QuickCheck includes a library for calling C APIs from Erlang, which can call virtually any C function. It just represents the C values directly on the Erlang side, so for example {ptr,char,123456} represents a character pointer to the given address. That lets us construct whatever C data structures we want as arguments to the API, and recover whatever data we want from the results, with very simple programming on the Erlang side. Of course that's C, not C++, and also it's not open source. If you're interested, there's a demo video here:


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  We are a market data API vendor. We have APIs to consume market data in Java, .Net, and C++. One of the clients indicated interest in using our API from Erlang.
  So I would like to find out if it is possible to interface with any of these language APIs from Erlang.

  I looked briefly at jinterface, but it appears to be designed to make calls from Java to Erlang, but not in the other directions.
  I have found a post http://www.javalimit.com/2010/06/a-java-api-for-erjang.html for the Erlang-java calls, but it does not seem to be a finished product.

  What is the best bet to accomplish the integration? 
  Any advice is appreciated.


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