[erlang-questions] "detached VM" vs "VM under screen"

Rapsey rapsey@REDACTED
Sat Jan 7 17:18:09 CET 2012

This is our upstart script. It runs dtach with one listener which is used
to log output of the app:

start on filesystem and net-device-up
stop on runlevel [06]

env HOME=/home/ubuntu
console output

exec start-stop-daemon --name ourappname --start --chuid nobody --exec
/usr/bin/dtach -- -c /tmp/erl /usr/local/bin/ourapp > /var/log/ourapp.log
end script

/usr/local/bin/ourapp is just a normal script that runs erlang with -eval

To attach to erlang just write: dtach -a /tmp/erl


On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 10:32 PM, Zabrane Mickael <zabrane3@REDACTED> wrote:

> Could you please provide a usage example with Erlang?
> Regards,
> Zabrane
> On Jan 6, 2012, at 10:27 PM, Rapsey wrote:
> > I just want to mention dtach. It's what we use and it works fantastic.
> Unlike screen you can have as many terminals attached to erlang as you want
> and gets in the way much less with special characters.
> >
> >
> > Sergej
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