[erlang-questions] aes_cfb_128_encrypt text length

Monika Moser monika.m.moser@REDACTED
Mon Jan 2 16:49:25 CET 2012


I have a question on the behavior of aes_cfb_128_encrypt as its
implementation seems to have changed since version R12B-5
Why does Text in *aes_cfb_128_encrypt(Key, IVec, Text) -> Cipher *have to
be a multiple of 16 bytes?
Though documentation told you, version R12B-5 did not enforce that it had
to be a multiple of 16 bytes.
While version R14A checks the length of Text and returns badarg.
I thought that if you use CFB it was not necessary to use padding and
decrypted data had just the same length as the input data.

This restriction does not come from openssl or does it?

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