[erlang-questions] Evening School of Erlang in San Francisco, San Jose & the rest of the US

Francesco Cesarini francesco@REDACTED
Fri Dec 21 20:52:51 CET 2012

Recruiting or looking for a job with Erlang? I spent a good part of this 
year visiting US based companies interesting in adopting Erlang this 
year. One of the biggest hurdle to adoption is lack of programmers. To 
jump start the Erlang job ecosystem in the US, we decided to try out the 
evening school of Erlang. Two nights a week, for four weeks, local 
trainers will giving Erlang classes to developers looking for a career 
change. A few weeks after the course, those attending will be offered to 
take the certification exam. These classes will be heavily subsidized by 
corporate sponsors looking at recruiting/placing Erlang developers and 
will cost 199 USD (including the material and the certification). In 
exchange, your contact details will be shared with these sponsors. For 
those not interested in changing jobs but interested in learning Erlang, 
there is a corporate rate available which reflects the actual cost of 
the class. In this case, the details of the attendee will not be shared.

We will place the evening school in locations easy to access. We 
currently have classes scheduled in San Francisco (Starting in early 
January), San Jose, Mountain View, Pasadena and Santa Monica. The goal 
for 2013 is to train 400 developers while expanding the network to cover 
Chicago, Seattle, Boston, New York, DC, and any other city where 
companies recruiting are willing to sponsor. For more information, visit 
our evening school of Erlang page:


In the new year, we are starting San Francisco Jan 8th, close to Union 
Square, followed by San Jose, Mountain View, Santa Monica and Pasadena. 
For this and other classes, we are looking for

* Attendees
* Help in spreading the word to friends, colleagues and communities you 
believe might be interested
* Sponsors interested in recruiting Erlang developers willing to help 
out cover the costs of the trainer
* Trainers and sponsors with facilities all across the US

We had a similar story in Krakow, where to recruit, we started with the 
evening School The first time, 7 people registered. The second time, the 
number went up to 20, and recently, we had 70 applicants. Word got around.

We are hoping the same will happen in the US!

Many thanks for your help, and Merry Xmas!

Francesco & the events team at ESL

Erlang Solutions Ltd.

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