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In spanish we have some symbols to emphatize the words... but are 
unneded to express in the code. By example:

España ... can be writed as: espana, espagna, espanya, espania... no 

I think the requirement to write code isn't the language. The 
requirement is ASCII, don't use nothing out of this table.

In my book I use spanish vars because are a good point to identify what 
you can customize and what you should keep as is.


El 2012-12-17 23:53, David Mercer escribió:
> Out of curiosity, did you name your variables and functions in
> English or Spanish?  We had a very heated discussion about this a
> month or so back.  I forget what the final resolution was, though.
> Cheers,
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>> Hi,
>> is available now the first spanish book about Erlang/OTP in spanish:
>> http://erlang.bosqueviejo.net
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>> Manuel Rubio.
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