[erlang-questions] rpc call and mnesia transaction

Laszlo Lovei lovei.laszlo@REDACTED
Sun Dec 16 11:48:14 CET 2012


Dan is right, the issue is your code not being available on the remote 
node, and the reason is the following. In this code:

(another@REDACTED)1> Fun = fun() -> mnesia:read(mytable, akey) end. 
> #Fun<erl_eval.20.82930912> 

the code referred by `Fun' is in the module `erl_eval' (as you can see from 
#Fun<erl_eval....>). It is a symbolic evaluator which evaluates the code 
you typed in the shell; the code itself is bound to variables in `Fun' 
(stored in a kind of closure, which is sent over to the remote node during 
the rpc call). This works because `erl_eval' is also loaded on the remote 

However, in this code:

> do() -> 
>     F = fun() -> mnesia:read(mytable, akey) end, 

the code of `F' is compiled into the module `anrpctest', you can also see 
this from the error message:

{aborted, {undef, [{#Fun<anrpctest.0.126678793>,[],[]},

This will work only if you load the module `anrpctest' on the remote node 
too. (If you are just experimenting, use the l() command in a shell after 
each recompilation.)

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