[erlang-questions] erlsrv.html info

Wes James comptekki@REDACTED
Fri Dec 14 23:16:47 CET 2012

Looking at this documentation to see where .erlang.cookie might be saved
for a service (installed with erlsrv) so I don't have to do -cookie on the
command line, the docs at:


say that the default working directory is:


There is a %SystemDrive% in win 7 (type set in the cmd.exe window) but
there is no %SystemPath%.  There is a %windir% and %SystemRoot% which are
c:\windows on my system.  Anyway, I don't see .erlang.cookie in c:\windows
after using erlsrv and starting the service. Where is .erlang.cookie for
erlsrv services?


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