[erlang-questions] "official" pre-built rebar binaries

Motiejus Jakštys desired.mta@REDACTED
Thu Dec 13 17:34:49 CET 2012


this is how I used to start my Erlang project Makefiles:

REBAR ?= ./rebar
REBAR_URL ?= https://github.com/downloads/basho/rebar/rebar

        erl -noshell -s inets start -s ssl start \
        -eval 'httpc:request(get, {"$(REBAR_URL)", []}, [], [{stream,
"./rebar"}])' \
        -s inets stop -s init stop
        chmod +x ./rebar

It worked fine and such, but for a new project I need a newer rebar.
Would it be possible to have a more recent pre-built "official" rebar
in an "official" repository?

Suggestion: create a rebar binary for every tag. Compile it on a
lowest supported platform (R13B04?), and put the resulting binaries
like this:

Motiejus Jakštys

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