[erlang-questions] erlymock update

Sven Heyll sven.heyll@REDACTED
Tue Dec 11 02:36:23 CET 2012

Hi TDD-Junkies


I recently polished it a little, removed maven support and finally added an
alternative to 'em:verify/1' call 'em:await_expectations' that actually
blocks until all expected invokations have happed. This
removes the need for clumsy unit test hacks where one would block the test
process until a message is received, that is sent by some '{function,
fun(_) -> TestProc ! go_on end}'.

I created a gh-pages branch so there is actually documentation at

Maven support has been removed for now, unless someone want to use it, I
will not add it back again, because the maven-erlang plugin includes

This release totally relies on rebar for building and dependency management.

Thanks for reading,
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