[erlang-questions] Recommended approach for dependency management during development

Vineet Naik naikvin@REDACTED
Fri Dec 7 14:43:48 CET 2012


I trying to write my first non trivial Erlang/OTP application and
looking for the best approach for organizing and managing
dependencies during development.

So far there has been a single dependency for the project which
is the exmpp library[1]. Upon installing exmpp, it copied
compiled code to the search path (/usr/lib/erlang/lib/) so I did
not have to care while using it in my code.

But now I need to use erlang-mysql-driver[2] too and it doesn't
come with an installation script like exmpp that would copy
compiled files to the search path.

Presently I can think of following ways to fix this:

1. Add hard coded paths of src & include dirs of the libraries in
my Emakefile (disadvantage: wouldn't work on other machines)

2. Compile the code from the libraries and copy the beam files
over to the ebin dir of my project. I need to do this only once
as I don't plan to change their code.

3. Add search paths to the command every time while starting the

Does rebar handle this and should I be using it instead of the

Sorry if my questions are not clear, I am really confused about this :-)

[1] https://github.com/processone/exmpp
[2] https://github.com/dizzyd/erlang-mysql-driver

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