[erlang-questions] Proper/EQC parallel statem test question

Gleb Peregud gleber.p@REDACTED
Tue Dec 4 22:12:01 CET 2012

Hi list!

Does postcondition of the statem test has to be a pure function? Is it
OK to do a request to a processe of the tested system from
postcondition like I do here [1] ?

This becomes a problem for me when running degenerated parallel test
where commands seems to be run in a single process, while
postcondition is being checked in another test. Example:

Sequential part:

Parallel part:
Process one: []
Process two: [

So essentially it is still a sequential test, since only one of the
two parallel testers is running any code. But due to postconditions of
actor_search operation being run in yet another process (probably main
test process) they are getting mixed up.


P.S. This is an academic project, hence I am using Proper and can't
test if it behaves differently in full version EQC.

1: https://github.com/gleber/dstree/blob/master/test/dstree_statem.erl#L129

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