[erlang-questions] Good Parser that works with Erlang 13B

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Mon Dec 3 08:47:45 CET 2012

I have a streaming parser in my erlang code base which is causing a lot of
problems to me. It is such bad that it make so many multiple copies of
strings that it has to parse and it eats up all the memory of my stack and
causes the whole system to crash.  I am looking at changing the JSON parser
from the current crappy implementation that I have with a good one. I have
certain limitations on the Erlang Version i am using. I am using Erlang 13
B right now. Moving to the newer version of Erlang is a lot more
complicated as i will have to test it first, that is like a month of work.
Being in a startup i have very little time to get this done. I am seeking
suggestion around good performing JSON parsers that work with Erlang 13B
and are easy to integrate. Looking for C parsers needs Erlang 14B that is
also complicated so i am not considering any option that wants me to
upgrade the Erlang version.

I want to get these things out of this exercise :-

1. Plug the new Parser into the current System ( Can be a good Erlang
Parser )
2. Relieve memory pressure on the system
3. Get a faster JSON Parser.
4. Keep the Erlang Version to 13B

Looking around i did find Mochi Erlang Parser. I am seeking suggestion
around the Parser that i can use for this? Appreciate your suggestions on
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