[erlang-questions] Common Test Hooks

Lukas Larsson lukas@REDACTED
Fri Sep 30 14:48:08 CEST 2011

Hi Ola!

Just letting you and everyone else know that there will be a small 
interface change (return value of init callback) in R14B04 with CTHs in 
order to allow priority inbetween CTHs. I have also planned to extend 
the priority feature to be more flexible duing execution of a suite so 
that one could run hooks in one order during init_per_* and another 
during end_per_*. Besides this change nothing more is planned right now, 
though suggestions on improvements are more than welcome!

CTH will remain alpha until the R15 release and then be put in final 

Regarding creative uses of hooks, we at OTP use them to compile C code 
in SUITE_data directories which are then used to test various interface 
functionality within the erlang emulator.

Erlang/OTP team

On 30/09/11 13:57, Ola Andersson A wrote:
> Hi CT users,
> I wonder if anyone else has tried out the relatively recent addition of Common Test Hooks in Common Test?
> In the project I'm working in we have used it successfully for about six months now.
> I think it's a very powerful tool for creating behaviours that are common to multiple test suites.
> We also use CT Hooks to start up and supervise resources and to perform cleanup and recovery actions after
> failed test cases. It saves the testers a lot of work.
> The CT Hooks functionality is still in alpha vsn according to OTP R14B03 but I think it's stable enough
> to go ahead and use it. We have had no problems at all during these six months.
> If anyone else out there has used CT Hooks I would appreciate if you could share your experiences and maybe
> provide some new ideas about creative usage of the feature.
> BR,
> /OLA.
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