[erlang-questions] Query about services created by Erlsrv

SeanD seand-erlang@REDACTED
Fri Sep 30 14:17:52 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I am writing an application that is deployed on Windows environments using
erlsrv which works very nicely.

However, the service that Erlsrv creates has a dependency on the Windows
Workstation service.

If I manually remove this dependency and disable the workstation service,
everything seems to run fine, however I imagine the dependency was put in
for a reason.

There are no comments in the code to suggest why this may be the case, and I
was wondering if anyone here knew of any scenarios where things might start
to fail because the Workstation service isn't running.  (My app isn't using
SMB or similar for any of it's communications)

Thanks in advance,

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