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> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 6:28 AM, Joe Armstrong < erlang@REDACTED >
> wrote:

> > 3) Some programs (actually any program) evaluates the BIF

> > erlang:load_module(Mod, Bin)

> I'm curious, this looks like one place in the entire system that I'd
> love to keep an active trace log of over time. Since we can load
> arbitrary byte code here, it is the most likely place for abuse
> (both good and bad).

> This makes me feel like it might be a half decent idea to implement
> http_code_server.erl that uses erlang:load_module(Mod,Bin) to
> directly load modules from remote sites, and leave code_server.erl
> alone for the time being. This way, my default erlang can be "as
> secure as it ever was" and I can introduce all sorts of horrific
> hacks at this layer.
If you intend that http_code_server to run instead of code_server.erl or together with it? If together then it probably be better if http_code_server used code_server to do the actual code management in the node; having to code servers will definitely lead to trouble. 

> I would still want to extend the module syntax with the -location()
> bit, but have it fall back to the http_code_server for loading.

> Thoughts?

> Dave
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