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Amir Almasi amir.fireflame@REDACTED
Fri Sep 23 11:23:46 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I am currently working on GUI by using Jinterface. I am try to send a
message from an alive node made by Jinterface library in java to the alive
normal node on shell.

In this way it works and another module gets the message:

OtpErlangAtom ok = new OtpErlangAtom("ok");
mbox.send("clientChat", "chat_c@" + computername, ok);

The problem is, I need to pass the node() by message for the reply.
Therefore, I call the function in this way, and there will be error

*OtpNode myNode = new OtpNode("bar");*
*mbox.send("clientChat", "chat_c@" + computername, myNode );*


*OtpNode myNode = new OtpNode("bar");*
*mbox.send("clientChat", "chat_c@" + computername, myNode.node() );*

Is there any hint or solution??

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