[erlang-questions] common test

Tim Watson watson.timothy@REDACTED
Wed Sep 21 10:26:09 CEST 2011

> So I'm wondering how and where I should add the path to ebin. Function
> works fine in the module that calls ct_master but not in ct_master.
It all depends on how you're starting common_test. If you're using the
ct_run script that ships with OTP, then you can pass arguments to it in
order to add additional elements to the code path. If you're using rebar
then the 'ct' command deals with all of this for you, and if not, looking at
the code which rebar uses to build up a command to execute common test
should be illuminating:
https://github.com/basho/rebar/blob/master/src/rebar_ct.erl#L156 should
demonstrate most of the command line options you'll need.

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