[erlang-questions] Any Erlang GIS software out there?

Jack Moffitt jack@REDACTED
Thu Sep 15 18:27:29 CEST 2011

>  I'm interested in doing some reverse geocoding (taking lat/long and
> getting nearby cities).  While looking around I've not seen any GIS
> related software written in erlang.  So just wondering if I'm missing
> anything?  Anyone written any GIS related software in Erlang?

SimpleGeo has a context API that will give you what you are looking
for I believe. Another alternative is to use the openstreetmap data
and roll your own.

As for general GIS stuff in Erlang, I don't know of anything open
source, but plenty of people have been building products with erlang
and geo data. I know of several that use Ejabberd (they wrote custom
geo modules that plug in to it) and we use Erlang almost exclusively
at Shadow Cities, which is a location-based mobile MMO.

Also, there is GeoCouch I believe, which does have some open source
code in Erlang.


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