[erlang-questions] Difference of gigs between beam.smp memory and erlang:memory(total)

Kostis Sagonas kostis@REDACTED
Tue Sep 13 10:03:04 CEST 2011

On 09/13/11 04:51, ori brost wrote:
> I've been doing a simple experiment in which I attempt to connect
> about 500000 websocket clients to RJ's websocket patched mochiweb
> fork. I've noticed that there is a difference of several gigabytes
> between memory consumed (I'm talking about working set here, not
> virtual) by beam.smp and the value returned from erlang:memory(total).
> Could this be related to the problem in
> http://erlang.org/pipermail/erlang-questions/2011-June/059611.html?

Yet another guy who thinks that Erlang developers reading this list are 
superheros with amazing powers that allow them to magically guess the 
version of Erlang/OTP he is using, the platform/OS, the details of his 
application and of WebSocket's code, the patches to e.g. mochiweb he has 
done, etc. and provide a verdict whether the problem he is experiencing 
could be related to an equally underspecified question somebody posted 
three months ago.

Sorry to disappoint you but the fact is that they are mere mortals. ;)

If you helped them a bit more by giving some more details and more 
importantly by posting some code that exhibited the problem you are 
experiencing, you chances of getting an answer would increase.


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