[erlang-questions] Mnesia - Partitioned network problem

Erik Seres erikseres@REDACTED
Mon Sep 5 11:48:23 CEST 2011


I am running distributed mnesia on a cluster of two servers, x@REDACTED and
x@REDACTED interaction with mnesia occurs on x@REDACTED x@REDACTED replicates

Due to an intermittent network failure, replication had stopped. In the logs
for x@REDACTED was the following message:

=ERROR REPORT==== 23-Aug-2011::23:56:37 ===
** Node 'x@REDACTED' not responding **
** Removing (timedout) connection **

This message went unnoticed until x@REDACTED was restarted for an unrelated reason
and it x@REDACTED logged the following error at startup:

=ERROR REPORT==== 24-Aug-2011::14:22:09 ===
Mnesia('x@REDACTED'): ** ERROR ** mnesia_event got {inconsistent_database,
running_partitioned_network, 'x@REDACTED'}

Question 1: How is it possible that only x@REDACTED detected the disconnect from
x@REDACTED and x@REDACTED did not detect a disconnect from x@REDACTED?
Question 2: How is it possible that x@REDACTED did not log the
running_paritioned_network error?

I realize that the answer to Q1 may lead to an answer to Q2, as well.

Note, that neither server was set as master.

Thank you.
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