[erlang-questions] mnesia sync_transactions not fsynced?

Håkan Mattsson hm@REDACTED
Thu Oct 27 16:10:51 CEST 2011

2011/10/27 Emile Joubert <emile@REDACTED>:
> On 27/10/11 13:17, Håkan Mattsson wrote:
>> Anyway, the subset of the commits that may be lost are the last written ones
>> before a crash/shutdown. It is not a random subset.
> In that case, would you expect consecutive records with ID numbers
> starting at 0 to possibly survive the VM shutdown in the test script I
> supplied? I always see a single record with much higher ID.

There should not be any consecutive records. It should be at most one record
according to your test program.

> In both the original RabbitMQ code where this problem was discovered and
> the distilled test script the missing transaction was never the last one, but a
> random older one.

This is not proofed by your test program. The result of your test program does
not contradict what I said.


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