[erlang-questions] 2 (unrelated) questions.

Paul Barry paul.james.barry@REDACTED
Wed Oct 26 17:25:09 CEST 2011

Hi folks.

Q1. Is there a search interface to this list?

...which is, I guess, sort of related to my next question (which I
wouldn't ask if I could find a search interface to the archives)...

Q2. Being able to register a spawned process is cool, but why can't I
register a process that is spawned remotely?  That is, why does this
line of code give me a "badarg"?

     register(the_board, spawn('server@REDACTED', displayboard,
putmessage, [])).



Paul Barry, w: http://paulbarry.itcarlow.ie, e: paul.barry@REDACTED
Lecturer, Computer Networking: Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland.

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