[erlang-questions] Where to find a full list of OTP built-in types specifications?

Michael Richter ttmrichter@REDACTED
Wed Oct 26 06:30:26 CEST 2011

*michael@REDACTED:~/Development/Erlang/otp_src_R14B04$ for a in type spec ; do
grep "^-$a" $(find . -name *.erl -or -name *.hrl) ; done*
./bootstrap/lib/parsetools/include/yeccpre.hrl:-type yecc_ret() :: {'error',
_} | {'ok', _}.
./bootstrap/lib/stdlib/include/erl_bits.hrl:-type bt_endian():: 'big' |
'little' | 'native'.
./bootstrap/lib/stdlib/include/erl_bits.hrl:-type bt_sign()  :: 'signed' |
./bootstrap/lib/stdlib/include/erl_bits.hrl:-type bt_type()  :: 'integer' |
'float' | 'binary' | 'utf8' | 'utf16' | 'utf32'.
./bootstrap/lib/stdlib/include/erl_bits.hrl:-type bt_unit()  :: 1..256.
./lib/compiler/test/compile_SUITE.erl:-type all_return_type() :: [atom()].
./lib/compiler/src/rec_env.erl:-type mapping()     :: {'map', dict()} |
{'rec', dict(), dict()}.
./lib/compiler/src/rec_env.erl:-type environment() :: [mapping(),...].
./lib/compiler/src/v3_core.erl:-type iapply()    :: #iapply{}.
./lib/compiler/src/v3_core.erl:-type ibinary()   :: #ibinary{}.
./lib/compiler/src/v3_core.erl:-type icall()     :: #icall{}.
./lib/compiler/src/v3_core.erl:-type icase()     :: #icase{}.
./lib/compiler/src/v3_core.erl:-type icatch()    :: #icatch{}.
./lib/compiler/src/v3_core.erl:-type iclause()   :: #iclause{}.
./lib/compiler/src/v3_core.erl:-type ifun()      :: #ifun{}.
./lib/compiler/src/v3_core.erl:-type iletrec()   :: #iletrec{}.
./lib/compiler/src/v3_core.erl:-type imatch()    :: #imatch{}.

>From there redirect to a file or run it for further processing through an
awk script and you've got a list of all types and function specifications in
the entire distribution arranged however you like it.

On 26 October 2011 10:31, Gary Hai <gary@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am eager for a full list of all built-in types and function
> specifications as reference manual for erlang coding. The erlang reference
> manual ( http://www.erlang.org/doc/reference_manual/typespec.html) of type
> specs page does not include OTP module, so I think it is not a full list.
> Thanks,
> Gary
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