[erlang-questions] rebar generate, reltool, and erl_interface issues

Jesse Gumm sigmastar@REDACTED
Sat Oct 22 14:57:42 CEST 2011

(My apologies ahead of time for the two-part mail here, as my first
submission to the mailing list didn't seem to take, so I'm resending
both emails I attempted to send yesterday)

Hey folks,

I'm running into an issue here, and perhaps there's an easy solution
that I'm overlooking or not finding in the docs, but I'm genuinely

Using "rebar generate" (and therefore reltool) to create a standalone
release, I can't seem to find a way to force reltool to also copy the
erl_interface libs from the system erlang install to the new
standalone version.  As it stands right now, without erl_interface,
'rebar compile' ends up crashing if there are any dependencies that
require compiling C code because code:lib_dir(erl_interface) returns

For reference, I'm using the standard reltool.config from Nitrogen
(example: https://github.com/nitrogen/nitrogen/blob/master/rel/reltool_mochiweb.config)

I've tried changing profile from 'embedded' to 'development' thinking
that might help, but to no avail.

Is there any way around this, short of manually copying the
erl_interface dir into the new standalone lib dir?

Followup (about two hours later):

I recognize that this might not be (probably isn't) the *correct*
solution, due to my relative inexperience with the internals of rebar
and reltool, but this is what I've pieced together that fixes my
immediate problem allowing me to generate my nitrogen installation,
and then use rebar.config to compile dependencies which need to
compile C code (bcrypt, ibrowse, etc).


This should at least help to describe my problem more in-depth and let
me know where I've gone astray so I can be put on the right track.

(Note: I've sent this to the Erlang mailing list rather than the rebar
mailing list as I'm not sure if it's a rebar problem, a reltool
problem, or a simple configuration thing for either I'm overlooking.)

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide,

Jesse Gumm
Sigma Star Systems

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