[erlang-questions] dialyzer is driving me nuts

Jesper Louis Andersen jesper.louis.andersen@REDACTED
Wed Oct 19 12:57:56 CEST 2011

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 11:03, Tim Watson <watson.timothy@REDACTED> wrote:
>> The problem of the catch-all clause in gen_servers, etc. is a generic one.
> Do gen_servers really need a catch-all clause? Can't they just be left to
> crash? I don't mean to be isolent, I'm just wondering.

You are right that you can skip a catch-all clause, but it will lead
to crashes left and right as soon as a process gets sent something
which is a little off. I tend to lace my catch-all clauses with an
error_logger message so I know something bad was sent.


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