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Tim Watson watson.timothy@REDACTED
Wed Oct 5 11:56:05 CEST 2011

On 5 October 2011 10:08, Kostis Sagonas <kostis@REDACTED> wrote:

> IMO, you should really use PropEr instead of the above. This will take you
> a long way into what you want to eventually achieve.
Yes I thought it should be, particularly using statem to test my port
controller and things like that.

>  I guess what I'd really like is something like PULSE (the randomising
>> scheduler employed by QuickCheck) to help me identify where my driver
>> code might be locking up the emulator or whatever, but for open source
>> projects that's not an option. Currently I rely on load tests in a
>> mirror of the target environment*s(, but this isn't really good enough
>> because if I move from an 8 core to a 16 core machine, problems can
>> mysteriously appear that just didn't show up and they're really hard to
>> figure out.
> There are better techniques than random-based testing for the types of bugs
> you want to eliminate. One such tool is Concuerror (available from
> https://github.com/mariachris/**Concuerror<https://github.com/mariachris/Concuerror>).
> This is currently work in progress and we had not had the time to create a
> proper homepage for it. However, you can take a look at its (really really
> basic at this point -- more to come, hopefully soon) documentation and the
> examples that its distribution contains and also get a good idea of the
> concurrency errors Concuerror can detect and how to use the tool by reading
> the paper:
>    Test-Driven Development of Concurrent Programs using Concuerror
>    http://people.inf.ethz.ch/**chmaria/Pubs/ERLANG-2011.pdf<http://people.inf.ethz.ch/chmaria/Pubs/ERLANG-2011.pdf>
> The paper is very comprehensive and I strongly recommend it to anyone who
> takes elimination of concurrency errors in Erlang seriously.
> Kostis
> PS. If your application is open-source, I'll gladly help you in using
> Concuerror, but I suggest we take this off this list, if interested.

Awesome. I'll go read the paper and spend some time looking at the tool as
well. Thanks as well for the offer of help - my project is open source and I
might drop you an email off list if I get stuck!


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