[erlang-questions] err in eunit - inet_gethost_native_sup terminating

Roman Shestakov romanshestakov@REDACTED
Tue Nov 29 23:39:41 CET 2011


wandering is anybody saw this problem

I have a eunit test suit, which throws the following error at completion:

=ERROR REPORT==== 29-Nov-2011::22:32:27 ===
** Generic server inet_gethost_native_sup terminating 
** Last message in was {'EXIT',<0.218.0>,killed}
** When Server state == {state,inet_gethost_native,undefined,<0.218.0>,
** Reason for termination == 
** killed

all the tests pass but at the end I am getting this error. looks like it is somehow related to rpc:call function (few tests are using rpc), probably it needs to start inets and it doens't close it cleanly when eunit node is terminated?

to replicate:
pull repo from: 


run test:

make test

the project requires rebar

Regards, Roman
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