[erlang-questions] windows paths in filename module

Tim Watson watson.timothy@REDACTED
Fri Nov 25 15:05:36 CET 2011

On 25 November 2011 13:56, Antoine Koener <antoine.koener@REDACTED> wrote:

> If this really bugs you, note that windows doesn't really care about / or
> \\
> cd C:/Program Files/Putty gets you in the putty directory...
> Shell completion (cmd.exe) may not work but, Win32 CreateFile works
> flawlessly...
> Then I would suggest that you don't have to bother with "nativename"
> anymore

I can live with that, but I do need filename:join to behave itself when the
first path is a drive letter. My requirement is to locate the equivalent of
the home directory on windows platforms. I'm currently checking for the
%USERPROFILE% environment variable, and if this is missing I fall back to
%HOMEDRIVE% \\ %HOMEPATH% <file://%20%25homepath%25/> and it was doing this
that alerted me to this unexpected behaviour in the filename module.

Is there a better way of locating the user's home/profile directory on
windows platforms in general? I will happily use some other API if it's


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