[erlang-questions] windows paths in filename module

Tim Watson watson.timothy@REDACTED
Fri Nov 25 15:01:38 CET 2011

> > Am I doing something wrong?
> I think the trouble is here:
> join(Name1, Name2) when is_list(Name1), is_list(Name2) ->
>    OsType = major_os_type(),
>    case pathtype(Name2) of
>        relative -> join1(Name1, Name2, [], OsType);
>        _Other -> join1(Name2, [], [], OsType)
>    end;
> because "\\Users\\602382443" is getting a pathtype of 'volumerelative'
> and should be treated just like 'relative' when Name1 is a drive
> reference. If it's not, then I'm not sure what is the right
> interpretation.
Yes I can see why the code does that. This seems rather unintuitive on
windows. For now I'll stick to handling it explicitly, but it would be
*nice* if the behaviour was unsurprising.
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