[erlang-questions] Getting a password from escript / I/O server introduction

Mikhail Sobolev mikhail.sobolev@REDACTED
Thu Nov 24 09:34:39 CET 2011

Hi Alex,

On 24 November 2011 10:18, Alex Shneyderman <a.shneyderman@REDACTED> wrote:

> You expect the get_line not to print anything?
> You have two formats in the script. One os for prompting and another
> one is for output. The get_line is only waiting for the user to enter
> text then saves it into R and then you do a format again. Are you
> saying that you do not want the text on line that says "Input > yes"
> to not say yes ?
> I actually would not know the answer to that, but I guess it is worth
> clarifying :-) since it is not at all obvious. The standard behavior
> on the user input is to output to the screen what she is typing.
> Yes, what I expect is:

tmp $ ./q
> Input >
>  -> "yes\n"


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