[erlang-questions] inets: configuring both http and https

Joel Reymont joelr1@REDACTED
Wed Nov 23 10:21:08 CET 2011

I would like to configure inets to handle both HTTP and HTTPS.

My HTTP configuration (rebar, sys.config) is down below.

Do I need to add an 'httpd1' entry to the services list and handle HTTPS or is there an easier way?

	Thanks, Joel


 %% Inets
      [{modules, [mod_alias, mod_auth, mod_esi, mod_actions,
                  mod_cgi, mod_dir, mod_get, mod_head,
                  mod_log, mod_disk_log]},
       {erl_script_alias, {"/", [request_handler]}},
       {error_log, "error.log"},
       {security_log, "security.log"},
       {transfer_log, "transfer.log"},

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